Clouds gather as it’s about to rain in ward 9

CLOUDS gathered over ward 39 on February 9 as the City Mayor Themba Njilo and his Deputy Thobani Zuma descended for a sod-turning ceremony for a water installation project in the area.

Amongst those present for the ceremony were also traditional leaders in the form of local izinduna including Induna Mbandlwa of the Mbumbane area, Induna Mhlongo who is also ward 6 councillor as well as Mkheshekweni’s Induna He also doubles up as a councillor as well, as did Induna Nene.

As part of this programme, the following areas will benefit: Kwasanta, Ncwadi, Mbumbane and Dayisa. These areas make up a new ward in terms of the municipality’s latest demarcation. What was emphasised from the onset was full co-operation between the municipality and the traditional leadership.

Councillor Mbandlwa pleaded with Councillor Thando Madondo to continue collaborating with traditional leadership as he did in the build-up to this project from the onset.

“We are thankful that our turn has also come for us to reap the fruits of service delivery, especially as we are a new ward and this did not take long to happen,” said the Induna.

Local Councillor Ms. Madondo expressed her joy about what was taking place in her ward. “I wish to thank you for your patience as, while there are services that you do not enjoy, you were able to patiently wait for your turn so that you can enjoy water supply. I know that the community of Ncwadi does not even enjoy benefits such as low income houses, but I promise you that there is more where that came from. Displaying patience is critical as we have to play a balancing act with the budget because we cannot deliver on everything at the same time. But we will continue to deliver services to you,” said Madondo.

She concluded by emphasising on working hand in hand with the local traditional leadership as well as the ward committee to ensure that the aspirations of all stakeholders are accommodated. She also committed herself to ensuring that this programme benefits everyone in the area indiscriminately and without favour.

Mayor Councillor Njilo explained that the history of this project was long-winded. Since 2016 when the ward was incorporated into the Msunduzi area of jurisdiction, plans were already underway for the installation of water as a service.

“A capital investment of R9,5-million was made in order to instal boreholes as well as motors to help with drawing the water from below the surface. The municipality was delivering services, but initially it could not be on an individual household basis. Now we are able to deliver on the latter,” said Njilo.

He continued by saying that the project would make use of some R220-million in order to procure tanks that will supply the community.

“This facility will supply water to over 2 000 people within the Ncwadi area as well as the people of Kwasanta,” he said. Mayor Njilo underscored the Deputy Mayor’s utterances by reiterating that the community needs to look after the infrastructure and ensure that they know where every water pipe goes.

He also notified the community that the project is multi-phase as the first phase will see an expenditure of about R60-million, starting with the Ncwadi community.

Deputy Mayor Thobani Zuma, the chairperson of the Infrastructure Portfolio Committee was elated by the recent developments.

“We know about your challenges. Your ward councillor tirelessly echoes them to the council so that we can talk and resolve them for good,” said Zuma.