Through their contribution, they feel as part of the municipality

WHAT makes up a municipality is not just brick and mortar but there are other ingredients that contribute to this. Councillors who are elected to pass bylaws and take decisions for the jurisdiction are also part of the municipality, as are workers that are employed to carry out the municiaplity’s programmes and implement decisions. There are people one may be inclined not to include as part of this group but who should be inclouded. Msunduzi News spoke to somem of these people.

Mrs Cynthia Mnyandu and Mrs Khonephi Zindela are proud to be part of Msunduzi and they feel that they are an important cog in this equation. Their work includes looking after the well-being of councillors as well as visitors who come for meetings at the Office of the City Mayor. When all is said and done, no one leaves the office thirsty or hungry because of their efforts.

Mrs Mnyandu explained that even though the kitchen they work in is small, she said it leaves a good taste in everyone’s mouth. “The work that I carry out in this kitchen I am very much fond of because as a mother, I carry it out with love and affection as when I prepare the food, I prepare it as if it is for my own children,” she said.

She added that there are not many challenges in the work that they do but she does feel empty inside when they run out of resources while a meeting is in progress. “Just like now, we are out of water and it feels like it is my mistake as we grew up knowing that no visitor should leave without having been offered something to either eat or drink,” said Mrs Mnyandu with a smile.

Asked what she does on a daily basis, she said on a normal day she services about 20 people but when there are meetings, that number can go up to 60 people or more. As someone who uses a walking stick, Mrs Mnyandu said the council made things easy for her as she makes use of a trolley when she serves people, which makes things that much easier for her. “When I am steering my trolley, I feel like I am servicing people at a hotel as it makes things easy for me to reach people wherever they may be,” she added.

Mrs Zindela expressed gratitude for the treatment they receive from the employer and said that this makes their job such a pleasure. “The Manager in the Mayor’s office Ms Evodia Mahlangu, Mr. Thobani Zuma who is the Deputy Mayor as well as the City mayor Themba Njilo are my bosses and they really look after us very well and they also allow us the space to do our work as we see fit,” she said.

Explaining about what her work entails, she said by half past seven in the morning, she is already done with cleaning the offices in the Office of the City Mayor and what makes her work such a breeze is that naturally, she is someone who likes clean spaces so she does her work effortlessly. She also plays a role in ensuring that all the visitors to the office feel welcome.