We have a right to clean living space

THE campaign to clean up the Capital City continues in earnest as it is not just the face of Pietermaritzburg that is filthy but that of the whole Province of KwaZulu-Natal. In the last edition, we reported about how officials left the comfort of their offices, rolled up their sleeves and went out to clean the City as part of Operation Mbo.

The hype of this initiative was seen when councillors also joined the bandwagon and played their part in changing the face of the City. Amongst them was Deputy Mayor Thobani Zuma who expressed the need for us to keep what he termed ‘the home of all the citizens of Msunduzi’ clean. Zuma said that living in a clean place is a right, a right that we all have to pull all stops to protect and guarantee for all our people.

“We all love to live in a clean space. Councillors also like to live in clean spaces as do business people as well as workers of the Municipality,” said the Deputy Mayor.

He then delved into the issue of street traders and the role that they can play in keeping the City clean. “It is important that we collaborate and work together with street traders. While it is not all the street traders, the reality is that some of them cause a lot of damage and contribute to the littering problem we are faced with. This can be seen in the morning or late afternoon as they dispose of their litter in the same areas or stations they work at. This takes us back as they litter in areas where the trash has already been collected for disposal. An example is when the Municipality’s waste workers have been cleaning the City through the night and when people wake up to go to work, the city looks like it has not been cleaned at all,” said Zuma.

This campaign even involves opposition councillors.

Speaking to Msunduzi News, Inkatha Freedom Party’s Councillor Thinasonke Ntombela said that as the IFP they saw it fit for them to work hand in hand with the ruling party at Council in order to clean up Msunduzi.

“As councillors, if the city is filthy, it looks like we are failing. Even though the ANC is running the Municipality, we are also a part of the administration so that is why we cannot be left out of an initiative to clean up our City. This City is the Capital of the Province and there are many people that visit it, even people from other municipalities. If they find filth in our City, they will not point a finger at the ANC, but the Municipality,” said Ntombela.

Another councillor present was the Democratic Alliance’s Glenn McArthur.